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When considering a PV solution, you would like to get the maximum out of your system making the return on investment worth it, thanks to the growing industry solar product prices are dropping at a rapid pace.

With Zero footprint energy solutions we make this possible.

How do we calculate the ROI?

  • We look at your average electricity cost over the last 12 months and how much you pay per kWh.
  • Determine the initial investment and how many kWh the system will produce.
  • We then factor in the increases you will get over the next 5 years from Eskom.
  • We then take the initial investment and divide it by the yearly savings.
  • We then factor in the increases you will get over the next 5 years from Eskom.

So, for example: If your solar investment cost R 100 000.00 and your yearly savings on your electricity bill was R 18 000.00 the payback period will be 5-6 years

Do you know that a Solar system has a TAX benefit for your company? All businesses have a Tax incentive that was structed in 2016 under section 12B of the income Tax. All solar products are subject to accelerated depreciation cost.

What does this mean?
- You can recuperate 43% of a solar system in the first year.
- You can claim 28% of the system cost under Income Tax.
- You can claim 15% on your VAT.

Making the return on investment a no brainer!

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