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Direct Solar Geysers


Direct Solar Geysers

Direct solar geyser systems usually consist of one or more solar panels or evacuated tubes.

Water is pumped into the panels, where it gets heated by the sun and stored in a geyser. Although this type of geyser system is reasonably effective, they tend to have a shorter life span.

Chemicals in water erode the panels, pipes and tank and parts need to be replaced often.

The water in the tank can also freeze in colder weather, resulting in cold water and damage to the geyser and entire heating system. However, Evacuated tube systems can be installed in frost areas.

Areas in South Africa that are affected by frost from time to time wouldn’t be suitable for direct geyser systems.

  • It’s relatively inexpensive
  • Little to non-maintenance
  • Can overheat during summer months.
  • Water softeners need to be added when systems in areas with poor or hard water conditions are used.
  • Not suitable for frost prone areas.


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