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Hybrid Inverter Solar System


Hybrid Inverter Solar Power System

A hybrid inverter system has the same function as the grid-tie system, but the main difference is that a hybrid inverter system will have batteries for you to store energy to use during the night or for unexpected power outages. A hybrid system can function just as a UPS system with no panels (with the grid being used to charge the batteries), or as a grid-tie system without batteries, but it then has the advantage of just having to add the batteries at a later stage, without adding an additional inverter.

A hybrid solution can be installed in the following ways:
A) Inverter and batteries first and add the panels later, this will work as a UPS (uninterrupted power supply system)
B) Inverter and panels first and add batteries later, this will work as a grid-tie system.
C) Inverter, batteries and panels, this will work as a full hybrid system.

  • Q. - What happens if the power goes out when I have a hybrid system installed?
    A. Because there are batteries, the hybrid inverter system will act as a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) supplying energy to service your essential needs.


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