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Off Grid Solar Power System


Off Grid Solar Power System

An off-grid solar system is when you do not have any access to the utility grid, or you would like to become independent from the grid.

When looking at going off-grid it is important that the system is sized correctly so that it can generate enough power whilst the sun is shining to serve your needs and charge the batteries and enough battery capacity to meet your home or business needs through the night. It is also essential to have a generator installed in conjunction with the system as a back-up, as the sun might not shine tomorrow due to inclement weather conditions.

  • Q. How many batteries will I need?
    A. This all depends on your load at the time and how many hours of back-up you require.
  • Q. Can I start off with a small system and expend at a later stage?
    A. With todays technology it is easy to start off with a small system and add on at a later stage.
  • Q. How long will my solar system last?
    A. The panels that we use have a 25-year 80% performance guarantee. Panels typically last up to 40 years.
  • Q. How long wil the batteries last?
    A. We currently prefer lithium ion batteries with a 10 years warranty.


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